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The rugged topography of Europe requires unique agricultural solutions and Italian tractors provide the ultimate answers. Whether the tractor is a Pasquali, Goldoni, Ferrari, Valpadana, Pierre or BCS, the low centre of gravity, all wheel drive, articulating frame and high power to weight ratio result in a stable, powerful tractor with unparalleled maneuverability. 
If you're lucky enough to own or find an Italian tractor in North America, we can help you service or restore it to new condition. In our opinion, these tractors are the solution for vineyards, orchards and organic farms. Italian Tractors of Canada is a distributor of Pasquali tractor parts. Contact us for parts, service and support for Pasquali tractors. We are happy to help in any way we can and probably have the largest inventory of Pasquali tractor parts in North America.

Besides Pasquali tractor parts, we have access to Goldoni and Ferrari tractor parts, Lombardini, Ruggerini and Slanzi diesel engine parts. We also provide hydraulic components, equipment and engine rebuild kits for conventional tractors such as Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Case and International.
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