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Our new Italian Tractors Site - We created a new site with more information and step by step instructions for clutch overhaul, etc.

Pasquali - The Italian Pasquali tractor site. Good example of the new tractor line:

Old Manuals - Herve Cochard's Pasquali site in France. Herve has some really useful Pasquali information as well as the hard to find Ruggerini rebuild manual free of charge. This is a great link and Herve was the one that motivated me to start this site:

Lombardini Engine Manuals - The ultimate site for Lombardini shop manuals. Lombardini provides exceptional support by allowing downloads of their full service manuals. Other companies please take note:

    The old engine models were updated to newer designations -

     LDA 100 engine is a 4LD 705        (look for group 3_4 manuals)
     LDA 820 engine is a 4LD 820        (as above)
     LDA 673 engine is a 5LD 675-3     (look for group 5 manuals)
     904 engine is a 8LD 600-2            (look for group 8 manuals)
     914 engine is a 8LD 665-2            (as above)

Photos - This is a great site for photos of all kinds of tractors, but especially the European tractors like Pasquali, Goldoni, Ferrari, Valpadana, Carraro, etc. 
Wheels / Rims - Unverferth Manufacturing. This is a company that specializes in wheel products as well as many other agricultural products. Great source for dual wheels or replacement rims. The Unverferth rims are outstanding. Centers are made from 1/2 inch steel plate, the rims are formed steel. Each rim weighs about 60 lbs and beautifully welded. American made in Ohio. We can have them drop shipped to you.

Engine Filters - Baldwin Filters is a great source of oil and fuel filters for Italian tractors. Type in the manufacturer of your engine (ie: Lombardini, VM, Ruggerini or Slanzi), choose engines and model. Baldwin carries most filters or something that will work. They also provide pictures and measurements. Your local automotive store can bring them in for you if you are not able to order on line:

Fuel Tank Repair - Original style fuel tanks are not economical to ship from Italy, but are certainly economical to repair. POR 15 has an outstanding product line which can repair any tank unless it's truly destroyed. Highly recommended: 

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